Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Conch sends his "heartfelt" thanks to everyone who donated during America's Giving Challenge. The mermaid videos generated 56 donations totaling $2,350. These funds will enable Sirenian International to award at least two small grants to projects in developing countries this year. If you missed the America's Giving Challenge deadline, Conch has a special offer for you:

For All Donors
"Make a donation in any amount to Sirenian International by February 14th, you may adopt him, or any of our other 4 Mermaid Ambassadors, at no additional cost!"

Each of our Mermaid Ambassadors represents one of only four manatee & dugong species left in the world today. When you adopt Conch, Maya, Yara, Elandra, or Bahari, you support our educational outreach programs, capacity building programs, and research & community conservation projects around the world.

As a special Valentine thank you, any donation made online or postmarked by February 14th, 2008, automatically includes the adoption of a Mermaid Ambassador. You will receive an Adoption Certificate, a glossy 4"x6" photograph, and a FACT SHEET about the species your Ambassador represents. During the next year, your ambassador will bring you true stories about the manatee and dugong populations our Ambassadors represent via A Mermaid's Voice, our new members only newsletter.

Yes! You may have the adoption placed in the name of a loved one as a Valentine's Day gift. How? Simply visit our Mermaid Ambassadors online at and learn more about Maya, Yara, Elandra, Bahari, and Conch.

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