Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Urgent Call for Help in Belize!

I just received the urgent message below from my colleague Zoe Walker of Wildltracks, Belize. They now have 2 manatee orphans in rehab and need to build a 2nd heated pool immediately. Sirenian International has donated $300 from our manatee orphan discretionary fund towards the urgent need of $2500. But, we need your help to save these orphaned manatees in Belize. Please make any tax-deductible donation you can afford ($10 minimum) to Sirenian International. All donations received within the next 48 hours will be earmarked for Wildtracks Manatee Rehabilitation in Belize. If you make a donation after 48 hours and want it directed to this special cause, just drop me a note. How to donate:

1. Mail your check (drawn on a US Bank) or money order payable to Sirenian International to: Sirenian International 'Wildtracks Fund', 200 Stonewall Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22401-2110
2. Folks with US credit or debit accounts can donate online using a credit card via our Network for Good Donate Now Button near the bottom of the page at
3. Folks with non-US accounts can donate online using a credit card or a check via our Donate Button on the same webpage.
4. You can also donate via our Facebook Cause, Sirenian International:
5. Or our Facebook Cause, Saving the Real Manatees:
Cheers, Caryn
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==============Subject: URGENT....PLEASE READ ME...===================== NOT ENOUGH POOLS!!!! We are desperately in need of extended facilities to house two manatee at one time - which is what we are faced with now. With two juvenile manatees, both requiring semi-intesive care (warmed water at night), we don't have the pools to cope. We knew we would need this second pool, as the probability of a second calf coming in was high...but the 'need the second pool' has just shifted to 'urgently need the second pool'! We have just been contacted by a group willing to provide the labour free...but would be very grateful to anyone and everyone interested in donating towards this essential expansion of facilities. The total goal is US$2,500 for materials ... any donation, however large or small, would help.

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